Welcome to our new website!  This is our 5th site since we opened our business in 2008.  We have new hosting, new security, and a whole new site!  It will be a work in progress for a while as, since the ignominious demise of site #4, we want to make sure you can see what we do and what we’re offering without worrying too much about extra bells & whistles.

Re-loading our products and enabling an active PayPal-linked ordering feature will be coming back in early 2017 as that might take some fiddling around :).  If you want to order anything in the meantime, just contact us.

Thanks for visiting!

Upcoming Events 2017:

Event Date
Calgary Comic Expo April 27-30, 2017
Animethon August 11-13 2017
Saskatoon Comic Expo September 16-17, 2017
Edmonton Comic Expo September 22-24, 2017